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Beige & Grey Basket Weave Harris Tweed

Beige & Grey Basket Weave Harris Tweed

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Label Requirements

Authentic Harris Tweed fabric handwoven here in the Outer Hebrides.
470-550g per linear metre / 313-366g per square metre.

Sew in Harris Tweed labels are allocated as follows:
1 piece - 30 x 25cm - 1 label
1 piece - 75 x 25cm - 1 label
1 piece - 75 x 50cm - 2 labels
1 piece - 150 x 50cm - 4 labels
1 piece  - 150 x 100cm - 8 labels

Multiple pieces of the same size will be cut as one continuous piece.

Label Choices / Sizes:
Small Accessory Label - 30mm x 30mm
Large Accessory Label - 45mm x 42mm
General Purpose Label - 65mm x 60mm
Side Seam Label - 30mm x 25mm (when folded)

The Harris Tweed labels are your guarantee of authenticity.

Samples may vary in size, up to 13x15cm to give a good sample of the fabric pattern and colour. Some fabrics may have a pattern repeat larger than the sample.

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