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Teal Green Mix Harris Tweed

Teal Green Mix Harris Tweed

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Label Requirements

Authentic Harris Tweed fabric handwoven here in the Outer Hebrides.

Sew in Harris Tweed labels are allocated as follows:
1 piece - 30 x 25cm - 1 label
1 piece - 50 x 38cm - 1 label
1 piece - 75 x 25cm - 1 label
1 piece - 75 x 50cm - 2 labels
1 piece - 150 x 50cm - 4 labels
1 piece  - 150 x 100cm - 8 labels

Label Choices / Sizes:
Small Accessory Label - 30mm x 30mm
Large Accessory Label - 45mm x 42mm
General Purpose Label - 65mm x 60mm
Side Seam Label - 30mm x 25mm (when folded)

The Harris Tweed labels are your guarantee of authenticity.

Multiple pieces of the same size will be cut as one continuous piece.

Samples may vary in size, up to 13x15cm to give a good sample of the fabric pattern and colour. Some fabrics may have a pattern repeat larger than the sample available.

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